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We recognise the gaps in the STEM fields and endeavour to engage curious minds from a young age in order to ignite their passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We believe it is essential that children of all ages have the opportunity to properly engage with STEM and what it has to offer before they make educational decisions which shift them away from potential careers in these industries. The starting point for STEM is provoking curiosity in children, which doesn’t need to be complex. Our activities are fun, inspiring and super hands on. We pride ourselves on getting children up and out of their seats and learning in a way that they may not have done in the classroom.

 Through experimenting, building, crafting and coding we assist in the development of, not only an interest in STEM, but excellent communication and teamwork skills. 

We have a catalogue of products available for you to start your STEM journey. Say goodbye to weeks of lesson and content planning as all the content is developed for you. All you need is a passion for educating and the ability to manage your own time. From After School Clubs to Holiday Camps and In- School Workshops we have a variety of product sets to get you on your way.

Our Products

TiP Sessions (4-8)

TiP Sessions are aimed at primary school aged children. Each half term you’ll take the children on a journey through a new and exciting topic. No two sessions will be the same as you build, code, experiment and construct in a range of hands on activities. Sessions are developed to spark discussions surrounding different subjects in a fun, friendly and safe environment.


Term time

1 Hour

Evening/ Weekend

The Franchise

Your agreed territory: £7,500

Ongoing Fees: 12% license fee

                              1% Marketing Levy


TiP Starter Pack will include:

  • Rights to use Technology in Play brand name

  • An exclusive territory

  • Comprehensive training and ongoing business support

  • An introduction to core systems and processes developed by us to make running your business a breeze

  • Access to our artwork repository of templates and designs

  • A dedicated page on our central website

  • Social media set up and support

  • Access to a regularly updated curriculum 

  • All the resources needed to get you up and running, including robots, circuits kits, LEGO kits and building materials

  • Branded clothing

  • A selection of marketing materials  

Children in Science Class

You will be owner and operator of your TiP Franchise and whether you want to build steadily on a part time basis as you juggle work as a new parent or maximise a full-time week, the choice is yours. You can choose the best combination of delivery to suit you and hire additional staff to increase your offerings. To help you get started we will provide training on book-keeping, policies and all aspects of running your small business as well as pairing you with a dedicated mentor who will be available throughout your induction and beyond.


Your first few months will be about raising your profile and making good connections. Having the ability to create and build on good relationships with schools and other possible venues is key to a successful franchise and if you’ve already got these… you’re halfway there! Your mentor will support you in planning the fastest and most effective route to setting up regular classes to increase your cash flow before investigating potential ways of expanding, whether this is through the addition of holiday camps or Home Education sessions to your roster. You’ll want to spread the word about this exciting new opportunity in your area so a high presence on social media and at local events will be paramount.

Opportunity Highlights

  • An exclusive territory

  • Trading under the established brand of Technology in Play

  • Comprehensive training and ongoing business support

  • A flexible timetable finalised by you

  • Access to TiP Champions in Marketing, Delivery and Content Development

  • Central Website

  • Access to a tried and tested curriculum

  • A number of lesson, party and event plans

  • A TiP Starter Kit packed full of resources to get your franchise up and running

Earning Potential

How you structure your business is down to you and ultimately what you chose to deliver will directly correlate with your earnings. To help give you some ideas we’ve put together a few examples to illustrate how much you could earn. We’ve deducted an average cost of venues, staff where needed, and the TiP Fees, in these calculations. We haven’t deducted any marketing costs, fees, subscriptions you would be expected to pay from your business. This is for illustration purpose only and may differ when running your own franchise.

Branch A

Has a few ad-hoc and part-time helpers and runs the Franchise as a very successful business delivering After School Clubs most days but does not always run camps and sessions themselves. 

Delivers a weekly schedule during term-time of:

  • 16 After School Clubs Per Week,

  • One evening Session, One Saturday Morning Session

  • One PRO on an evening.

  • Delivers two party each Weekend.

Monthly Income £4,430

During School Holiday they run four days a week of Holiday Camps over 10 weeks.

              Creating an additional annual Income £ 13,800

Branch B

Runs the branch and delivers all the clubs and sessions themselves, relies on a friend who is a TA to help out at holiday clubs and the occasional party.

Delivers a weekly schedule during term-time of:

  • 4 After School Clubs Per Week,

  • One evening Session

  • One PRO on an evening.

  • Deliver at least one party each Weekend.

Monthly Income £1770

During School Holiday they run four days a week of Holiday Camps in six of the school holiday weeks.

              Creating an additional annual Income £8280

Branch C

Runs a small branch and likes to keep the weekends and holidays free they have one helper who helps at After School Clubs.

Delivers a weekly schedule during term-time of:

  • 8 After School Clubs per Week, with a helper.

  • One evening Session.

  • One PRO on an evening.

Monthly Income £1955 (11 months)


The TiP Team will guide you through a 12- week induction which will include.

  • Detailed training on content and delivery

  • Introductory training course on all aspects to run your business including; Finance, Marketing, HR, & Governance

  • Shadowing on site in York

  • Setting regular goals and objectives to get you started with your successful franchise


Within the first year you will have monthly 1:1 meeting with our founder and continued support beyond your first 12 months from our TiP Champions in Marketing, Delivery and Content Development.


Meet the team 



Nicki Fowler

Technology in Play came to life in 2017 after Co-Founder Nicole Fowler searched high and low for classes in York that offered coding for her curious young daughter and found nothing of interest for primary aged children. She decided to investigate further as, like many parents; Nicole was keen to provide an opportunity for her daughter to engage in STEM and experience the hands on learning such play can inspire. Now, said curious young daughter is the face of Technology in Play, chief product tester and all-round mini boss!

thumbnail (8).jpg

Content Manager

Hannah Schofield

“I’ve spent the last 3 years discovering the world of STEM through a child’s eyes and creating activities that are super fun, hands on and inspiring. I really enjoy seeing children engaging with and enjoying the sessions I’ve written and can’t wait to see more children from across the country falling in love with STEM.”

thumbnail (9).jpg

Delivery Manager

Ash Seagrave

“I’ve loved every step of my journey with TiP delivering in schools, at our sessions and at local events, I’ve learnt so much. I’m really excited for the next stage and to have the opportunity to share my experiences with the next TiP Champions.”

Your next steps 

Are you ready to get involved and inspire the next generation of curious minds?

Are you excited about the opportunity to take control of your own business and manage your own time?


If this sounds like your next career move or you simply want to find out more you can read our frequently asked questions or please email


You may already have had contact with our team and if so, we will be in touch to discuss any queries. If you wish to progress, we will arrange a face to face meeting to discuss this exciting opportunity.

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