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STEM is an acronym we are hear a lot at the moment, if you haven’t heard it before; it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Why are we hearing so much about it? STEM industries are seeing a huge skills gap and this gap is only getting wider as demand grows and supply is yet to increase. Even careers which we view as traditionally less technical, like farming, are using some of the most advanced forms of technical engineering. However, fewer and fewer students, especially girls, are taking STEM beyond compulsory education and into industry. This is important because by achieving gender parity in the workplace and engaging girls, STEM industries could significantly close that gap.

Technology in Play is a start up business based in York. We recognise the gaps in the STEM fields and endeavor to engage curious minds from a young age in order to ignite their passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We believe it is essential that children, of all ages, have the opportunity to properly engage with STEM and what is has to offer before they make educational decisions which shift them away from potential careers in these industries. The starting point for STEM is provoking curiosity in children, which doesn’t need to be complex. Activities which encourage self-discovery, learning through failure, team work and problem solving can contribute to later engagement in STEM careers.

It is with this in mind that Technology in Play was born. We appreciate the need for introducing STEM at an early age but in a way that remains immensely fun and engaging. Through experimenting, building, crafting and coding we assist in the development of, not only an interest in STEM, but excellent communication and teamwork skills.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old’ we grow old because we stop playing
— George Bernard Shaw