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Frequently Asked Questions

How many children do you cater for?

We suggest a maximum of 15 children, any more and it can get a little chaotic and difficult for everyone to access all of the scheduled activities.

Do you have a venue?

It's up to you to source a venue, village halls are usually ideal for what we deliver. We don't recommend parties from home as space is usually limited and some activities can be messy!

How long does a TiP Party last?

Our parties run for 60-90 minutes depending on the group size and availability of space.

Do you provide food?

It's up to you to provide food if this is something you wish to do. We find it works best for Children to eat after the activities have finished whilst we tidy away.

When do you need to know final numbers?

We request confirmation of numbers and final payment 7 days prior to the party.

What age do you cater for?

Our activities are not suitable for children under the age of 4 years old. We adapt our activities to suit the age of the birthday child. We are happy for younger siblings to join in as long as they are counted in the final numbers and exceed the minimum age.

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