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Those who imagine anything, can create the impossible.
— Alan Turing

TIP Sessions

Session Activities are aimed at five to ten year old's. Each term we will discover STEAM in an new exciting topic. Undertaking experiments, building, crafting, constructing, learning early coding and computing principles. We inspire and instill the foundations of STEAM learning; creativity, co-operation,collaboration, tenacity, problem-solving, critical thinking, whilst absorbing facts and information in an environment with a dynamic and creative approach.

In each half-term we will under take one 'build & code' activity designed for young people.  We use specialist technologies to support them applying this knowledge in fun and informal ways. Our tech toys introduce coding, develop computational thinking, problem solving skills and creative thinking all without the overuse of screens. Through interactive play and storytelling, we introduce children to a tangible programming language using algorithms and debugging.  
The tools we use offer great cross-curricular application. Children develop communication and increase in confidence as we remove ‘wrong’ outcomes and encourage experimentation. Coding also uses a range of mathematic skills as children will add and subtract within a sequence and discuss angles, shapes, position and distance. Most importantly, our tech toys ignite imagination as we transform them into characters in our own stories and send them on their own unique adventure.  

Children between eight and ten are welcome to stay in Sessions or can progress to the TiP Pro, if you'd like to discuss the best options your local sessions crew will be happy to discuss this with you. 

TIP Sessions PRO

TiP Pro is  a two hour session for eight to twelve year old's who are ready to apply a subject and project based approach where we embed the technology and engineering learning into fun half termly projects.   This age group work with a range of Specialist Education Resources including; LEGO Education® WeDo 2.0, BBC micro:bit, Rasberry Pi, Scratch, LEGO BOOST® and hour of code. Projects could include:

  • Room Sensors and Alarms to stop your siblings stealing your clothes!
  • Animate or code a robot to dance to your favorite song
  • Bring your favorite books and stories to life through animation
  • Create your own sounds and songs 
  • Create a weather station and learn about meteorology
  • Design your own characters and create your own apps and games
  • Complete in the group by building your own LEGO® animals for mini robot-wars

At Technology in Play we understand the importance of the A in STEAM. Allowing space for art in this programme encourages and develops children’s creativity and innovation. This project will allow pupils to take ownership of their work, think outside the box and showcase their learning. When children applying their knowledge in this way they learn to create with technology moving beyond following instruction to learn. 

TiP Pro takes a coaching and mentoring approach to those keen to evolve in coding and engineering whilst continuing to apply STEAM principles in a creative, engaging and fun environment.


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