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What's On

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Tip Sessions Summer camp

The countdown until the summer holidays has begun! But fear not, TiP are going nowhere

  • Locations 
    • Monday & Thursday - York Vale of York Academy 
    • Wednesday - Harrogate High School

Amazing Anatomy – W/c 23rd July
Be prepared to get messy and be amazed by all the weird and wonderful (and gross!) things our perfectly designed bodies can do!

Intergalactic Discovery – W/c 30th July
Hold on tight for a crazy day filled with mind-blowing discovery... it’s space but not as you know it!!!

Dig Through Time – W/c 6th Aug
Step into our interactive time machine, where we will visit ancient civilizations and then zoom back to the future.. and see what history says about us!

Super Powers Unleashed – W/c 13th Aug
Real life Heroes don’t always wear capes... but some do. Extra ordinary Humans are everywhere... could you be one of them??!

TiP : Camera : Action – W/c 20th Aug
Hello?? It’s Hollywood calling... the next blockbuster has your name all over it. TiP unveils the secrets of STEM in cinema, where STEAM comes to life.



Technology in Play will be running drop-in activities everyday between 11am to 3pm.

Solar System – Discover our solar system, learn the planets by name. Attempting to grasp the enormity of space and time by creating a fruit to scale model!

Mars Rover – Build and Code your own moon or mars rover across the treacherous terrain as it explores new model frontiers.

Creative Dough – Light up the constellations, make aliens and space shuttles while learning the basics of electric circuits with our creative dough. Map out the constellations in the night sky using led bulbs and electrical circuits.


Little vikings awards

We are so excited to be announced best STEM Classes. We love what we do and are excited that so many of you have jumped on board in such a short time.

Our 'Award Winning' STEAM Sessions will be at Joseph Rowntree School every Wednesday at 6pm and Bootham Junior School every Saturday 10am and 11.15am. Click on the link below to book.